We inform our members/customers and casual clients that our facility is a self-service including customer self-service. (Meaning that customer self-service is a process by which members/customers have access to an app / online member portal that allows them to resolve their requests/queries & payments without personal help from a support agent or a staff member)


We encourage our members/customers/clients to use our self-service facilities and Customer self-services as the first option to access information, manage their accounts, book services, buy a product, access the premises, update billing details and pay outstanding fees.
These include our: Gym App, Members Portal login through our website, online help center, chatbot, web widget, community forum, and knowledge base.

These self-service facilities and self-service options are designed to provide you with faster resolutions, lower costs, higher satisfaction, and more efficiency. By using these self-service facilities and Customer self-service options, you agree to follow our guidelines and terms of use.

You also acknowledge that these self-service facilities and Customer self-service options may not be able to address all your needs or issues, and that the last resort would be contacting our customer service team staff by email only, at: info@primeperformance247.com
(Phone call not avaiable, Social media messages not available)

Customer self-service also means that our members/customers and casual clients have to be able to access the facility and diferent areas and studios with the use of the Gym App or Swipe Tags. Our facility does not have reception/ customer service staff on site.

We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any of these self-service facilities and Customer self-service options at any time, without prior notice or liability.