Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s and after his death only 5 of his top students (disciples) were allowed to carry on his method. Joseph Pilates also created and patented several pieces of equipment like the Reformer, Trapeze Table (also known as the Cadillac), Wunda Chair ( the first ever in-home total gym) and others.

Originally Pilates was mostly practiced by men, but since then has become a great way to exercise for everyone. In the early days of Pilates it was mostly available to Dancers, Actors, Performers and wealthy people. Now, it has become more mainstream and accessible to most people. Unfortunately, in some countries (like New Zealand) there are no regulations on who can teach Pilates and sadly anyone can do it with or without proper education and thus some classes that call themselves Pilates have actually nothing to do with the original program or philosophy! "Pilates Aotearoa" has been formed recently to start a process of putting regulations in place like many other countries already do. More and more countries are moving towards stricter regulations and in some places only 3 -5 styles (schools) are allowed to teach. We can see similar situations with Yoga happening all over the world. 3 of the most commonly Globally recognized Pilates organizations and styles are : BASI, Polestar and Stott.

What is the background of our instructor? Irina is trained in BASI Comprehensive (Mat and Equipment) and Polestar Mat. Irina is also trained in BASI Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies and BASI Pilates for Pregnancy and Beyond. Irina is a semi-retired professional dancer who has practiced Pilates as part of her training from the age of 17.


Pilates has no spiritual or religious background. It was created by a male nurse and athlete with a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Pilates is about both Mind and Body with main principles being:

- Breath
- Concentration
- Center
- Control
- Precision
- Flow

Each of our classes aims to provide a full body workout as we focus on:
- Balancing strength and flexibility of the muscles
- Improving joint stability through strengthening and alignment
- Improving overall posture
- Improving mobility of the joints
- Finding and eliminating overuse of the wrong muscles and encouraging to engage and develop the use of the correct muscles
- Finding and fixing imbalances in the body
- Understanding and working in neutral spine position
- Improving your breathing ability


Joseph Pilates believed that most benefit is achieved when all apparatus are used (including Mat). Of course it is understandable and in our day and age it is not possible for most people to do it all.

- Mat class - uses your own body weight and occasionally can use small props like resistance bands, swiss balls, Pilates Balls and Pilates Ring.
- Reformer class uses Reformer machines which provide different levels of resistance through the use of springs and cables. These classes are best done in small groups of 5 people or less for safety reasons
- Full Studio class includes Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel and Ped-a-Pull or a spring board. Not all apparatus may be used in each class due to the time restriction. These classes are best done as One on One or Two on One due to safety and the support that the instructor may have to give you during the class.


When it comes to injuries, aches and pains, it is best to check with the instructors on a case by case basis. Sometimes you will be ok to attend a group class, sometimes it would be best to do a one on one customized class and in some cases we may want more information from your doctor. In any case it is recommended that you get clearance from your physiotherapist/ osteopath/ surgeon/ rehab specialist as well as a written report with contraindications well in advance of your first class and send it to us so we can make a better recommendation for you. As Pilates instructors we are your trainers, not medical professionals and cannot diagnose or guess your diagnosis.

When it comes to pregnancies - only modified classes can be safe and once again since everyone is different, a regular check in with your doctor and midwife is recommended as you may have unique needs. We offer one on one pre and post natal Pilates. Please get in touch with us first and let us know a little more about yourself, how far along you are etc.

Do you have any questions for us about PILATES? Please feel free to text us your questions and we will be more than happy to answer them for you: Irina 022 362 1946 ( TEXT ONLY)